SEO Campaigns – Changing Trends

SEO Campaigns - Changing Trends
It is no secret that organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the most powerful, cost-effective, and results-yielding website promotion tool, but if your optimization service provider or the webmaster is cutting off the online campaign at SEO set-up only, then it is not meeting the campaign objective fully. SEO has to be followed with well planned on-going maintenance and off-page optimization strategies to continue to improve and/ or retain the top rankings. You could agree with the fact that competition webpages for your every target keyword/ key-phrase has increased multiple folds now. A well planned on-going SEO maintenance and off-page optimization strategies will guarantee that you continue to reap the benefits of top rankings and thus get guaranteed qualified traffic and leads for a long time.

We have seen in the past that a first page Google ranking vanishes in a matter of few months. There could be a lot of reasons for the same, some of which are in our control such as – Lack of proper maintenance in terms of tweaking the Meta tags, Page content, Page Navigation, HTML elements etc., based on the ever changing search engine algorithm and lack of proper off-page optimization strategies to enhance the link popularity continuously (which still plays a very important role in defining top rankings).

Moreover, today’s client is not satisfied by simple optimization techniques which were used in yesteryears. It’s a competitive world out there and it is but natural that clients nowadays demand add on services which will give them an edge over their competition. In this article, I would like to define the various SEO maintenance and off-page optimization strategies; one could adopt to enjoy the benefits of your top search engine rankings and thus get more traffic and leads on an on-going basis. Please note that the SEO maintenance and the various off-page optimization strategies should be pursued simultaneously to obtain maximum gain.