PageRank Sculpting and Siloing

PageRank Sculpting (PR Sculpting) and Siloing are approved SEO tactics which contribute a lot to improving your website’s search engine rankings. If these advanced SEO techniques are implemented properly, there is no doubt that you can improve your website traffic.
PageRank Sculpting and Siloing
In general, PR sculpting is the method of controlling PageRank flows within your website. Through PageRank sculpting, you can improve the page rank of your most important webpage by restricting the page rank flow to less significant web pages.

For example, consider a website with 10,000 web pages, of which 7000 pages are important and need to be indexed by search engines whereas the rest of the pages need not be indexed. If you restrict the less important pages and direct the page rank flow to the most important pages, it will have a positive effect on your overall search engine ranking.

PR sculpting is a fine, granular, page-level method which is highly effective on large websites with thousands of web pages. Even though there are so many techniques for PR sculpting, the most widely accepted one is using rel=“nofollow” attribute value to alink tag. The nofollow attribute permits webmasters to change page rank flow at link-level granularity. The rel=“nofollow” attribute is applicable not only to Google, but also to other major search engines such as MSN and Yahoo.

Another popular PR sculpting technique is Siloing, also known as theming. It is a site architecture technique which explains how to structure the links on the most important pages of your website. There are two different methods of siloing – Directory Siloing and Virtual Siloing, which allow the website owners to create themes through linking strategies. Through siloing, you can achieve high search engine placement for targeted keyword phrases as well as common keyword phrases.

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