Secrets of Siloing – An Important SEO Strategy

Secrets of Siloing

Siloing is an important SEO strategy that has massive potential for great results for large websites. Silos enable websites to be theme-centric, and make the themes visible to the search engine, resulting in higher ranking for the site.

The first step in siloing consists of establishing keyword-centric and community-centric themes for the website. An important consideration here is to keep the theme and content aligned according to the search pattern of users. Next, a landing page must be identified. The landing page is the page which the search engine should identify as being the most important of all the pages in the website. Here lies the key to success. Highlighting the importance of the landing page that contains most of the theme-centered content in the site and to which the other pages link, can make your website much more visible.

If the focus on the landing page isn’t maintained, the links are diluted, losing the focus of the website itself. It brings down the search engine rankings and your website ends up being not that conspicuous after all. All pages dealing with a theme linking to each other won’t improve the ranking of any page on your website. They’d all just have more-or-less the same page rank. Instead, if the links are controlled and all of them link to one landing page, the rankings for the landing page increase immeasurably. It is also important that the links aren’t created in an artificial manner. The pages should be naturally linked.

These secrets of siloing could bring about positive results for large websites, through increased rankings and, as a result, better visibility.

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