SEO Siloing – Advanced SEO Technique for Your Website

SEO Siloing
The structural design of your website plays a significant role in getting your website ranked properly in the search engines. SEO siloing is an advanced SEO technique to help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Siloing is a site architecture technique which creates an easy-to-navigate website by categorizing your web contents into specific themes and organizing a horizontal and vertical linking structure. Siloing is ideal for websites that have high quality, relevant contents for which high search engine rankings are desired.

There are many ways to create silos such as tagging an article, naming a category after keywords you want to rank for; creating a mini sitemap on each web page within your silo; grouping similar content pages under one directory; linking to landing pages using your target keywords, and more. By implementing appropriate siloing,

  • Website owners can make sure that their web pages rank well not only for keywords that are specifically targeted, but also for general keywords
  • You can increase your overall website traffic
  • You can draw more unique visitors to your website

There are two different methods of siloing—directory silos and virtual silos—which allow website owners to create themes through linking strategies. No matter whichever method of siloing you opt, SEO Siloing will surely help your website to achieve high search engine placement.

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