What is Siloing? How it Can Improve Website’s Search Engine Rankings?

Also known as theming, Siloing is simply a site architecture technique that structures and interlinks your website content, based on a theme. Keyword phrases for the website content would include both general site keywords and theme-specific keywords. If implemented properly, this advanced search engine optimization technique can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Siloing Categorization – Directory / Virtual Silos

Siloing categorizes your website content structurally and virtually. Based on categorization, siloing can be directory based siloing or virtual siloing. Directory silos as well as virtual silos allow website owners to create theme through linking strategies but in different ways.

Directory silos create relationships between web pages by grouping pages containing similar content under one, well-organized directory. A minimum of five similar content pages are necessary to establish the theme and the pages must be named to support the subject matter of the directory.

Virtual silos create content and subject relationships through cross-linking. In other words, you are creating themes based on links rather than directory structure. In virtual silos, the names of web pages are not important as the pages in the relationship are not necessarily in the same silo.

Incorporating silos into your website structure will enable it to achieve high search engine placement not only for targeted keyword phrases but also for common keyword phrases.

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