How to Use Social Bookmarking to Increase Website Traffic

Social Bookmarking
Today, most of the internet users and website owners are familiar with the concept of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a powerful tool used by internet users to promote a website among friends and the vast internet community. This enables the website to be more visible, which in turn leads to increased website traffic.

With social bookmarking, you can increase website traffic in two different ways. The first method is to give your website link at one of the social bookmarking sites so that visitors can click on the link and come to your website. Second method, each time your blog or webpage is posted at one of the social networking sites, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will locate the link to your site and bring in considerable website traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites

As a first step, create an account with any one of the popular social bookmarking websites which include, Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Mixx and others. Anyone can create an account free of cost. Once you have identified the social bookmarking website that caters to the group of people you are trying to reach, submit your blog posts or web pages in it.

Make things simple, so that visitors to your website can bookmark your web pages easily and quickly. Also, bookmark websites that have bookmarked you. By doing so, you can boost the popularity of their site and at the same time increase traffic to your website. Make use of the above tips, if you are planning to use social bookmarking to increase website traffic.

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