Significance of Sitemap in SEO

Significance of Sitemap in SEO
If you want your website to be easily located by visitors as well as search engines, the easiest method is to create a sitemap. Sitemap is a web page available within the website which helps visitors understand what resources the website contains and how the contents in the website are organized.

A sitemap should be designed in an easy-to-understand manner. Besides providing an overview of the entire site, it provides links to different sections of the site. Serving as an alternative to navigation bars, sitemaps help search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to find and index each and every page on your website. It makes maximum use of the most important as well as relevant keywords in your website and contributes to keyword density within the link text on the webpage.

Sitemap for SEO

Creating a sitemap means you are creating a single page which contains links to every webpage on your website. When the search engine spiders visit the page, they will follow the links on the sitemap and obviously each webpage of your site will be indexed by search engines.

This would provide high page rank or link popularity to all pages the search engine links to. As they play a vital role in search engine optimization, it is important that sitemaps are updated whenever you add a new page or update an existing page of your website.

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