Google Caffeine and Its Impact on SEO

Google Caffeine and its impact on SEO are likely to be great. Completed on June 8, 2010, and live on all Google servers, Caffeine makes real-time search a reality, with every piece of updated information on the given search query included, down to content added in the last few minutes before the search. There is one major SEO strategy that must be adopted for sites and online marketing programs to benefit from this real-time search brought about by Google Caffeine – constant updating.

How Google Caffeine WorksGoogle Caffeine and Its Impact on SEO

Caffeine is an intelligent search index, more intelligent than the conventional Google, looking for just what searchers need and satisfying their knowledge requirements. Caffeine works differently, in that the web is analyzed in small parts, enabling easy detection of newly posted material and thereby quick and continuous updating of the search index globally. New pages can be added as they are found, since millions of pages are processed by Caffeine simultaneously. In terms of figures, that is millions of gigabytes added every day.

How SEO Strategies Must Adapt

This puts increasing pressure on sites to keep updating with new and relevant content as well as perfect existing SEO strategies in order to be on top in Google rankings. The new Caffeine index would include social networking sites and anything relevant. This means that businesses must be aggressive with their SEO marketing, employing Facebook and Twitter, and using a Web 2.0 platform to enable quick updating of content.

Since the days are long gone when Google updated the several layers of its old index every two weeks, real-time search has been inaugurated forcing businesses to keep freshening up their websites, Twitter and Facebook pages and press releases aggressively or risk being left behind by newer content posted by rivals. That’s the impact Google Caffeine is set to have on SEO strategies.

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