Google Caffeine for Up-to-date, Relevant Search Results

Google Caffeine for up-to-date, relevant search results is an improved version of Google’s popular search engine and has gone live on June 8, 2010. Caffeine employs indexing, crawling as well as ranking changes and primarily brings about real-time search rankings. The new Caffeine architecture does not feature any major UI (user interface) changes. But what it does is add new information to the search index at a much faster rate everyday, ensuring comprehensive results incorporating the latest developments.
Google Caffeine for Up-to-date, Relevant Search Results

User Advantages for Google Caffeine

Key to this advancement is the more comprehensive web crawling, and ranking and indexing of pages. Caffeine is fast. Search results will now increasingly feature social media sites as well as news and information results that would facilitate real-time search. Local results could also be provided by detecting the location of the user through the ISP or IP address. Ultimately, what proves the relevancy and up-to-date nature of the search results under Google Caffeine is a greater percentage of fresher results generated by a search query when compared to conventional Google search.

Google Caffeine’s trial met with positive feedback from webmasters. Google planned to implement Caffeine by testing it at one data center and then moving on to the others. Now that Google Caffeine has been launched, it is expected to serve the needs of users better by providing up-to-date and relevant search results it generates for a particular search query, as well as its increased speed. It has already revealed itself to be a significant improvement over the current Google version.

Key to Success – Constant Updating

As Google’s Matt Cutts explained in an interview at SMX West, search rankings powered by Google Caffeine won’t be affected by site speed, giving businesses the clue that they need to constantly update their web pages, social networking pages, and press releases to stay ahead in the rankings.

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