Capitalize on Google Instant with MOS SEO Services

Prediction is what drives Google Instant. Specifically, it is predicting the search query users type and displaying the results before they complete typing it. Predictions aren’t always precise to the dot but they are close enough to be of immense benefit to users who save precious time in searching for vital information. These predictions are basically related search queries or probable keywords.
Capitalize on Google Instant with MOS SEO Services

Faster Searches with Google Instant

What this does is make searches faster and enable users to complete more searches in a shorter period of time. There are some pretty interesting calculations behind this theory suggested by Google. Usually an individual needs more than 9 seconds to type in a search term, while it requires only 30 milliseconds for that person to view and take a quick glance at a part of the page. This shows that users read faster than they type.

Google’s algorithms need only 300 milliseconds to accept the query and provide the results. Taking this into account, Google Instant can easily flood the page with results even when the user is sluggishly typing in the search query. These results are based on keyword predictions made by Google when the user begins typing in the query.

Precious Time Saved with Google Instant

Google believes that if the 1 billion users of the popular search engine search with Google Instant, they’ll save 11 hours of their precious time every second and 3.5 billion seconds every day! While Google Caffeine inaugurated real time search, Google Instant enables real time editing of search queries. This surely is the future of search.

Creating Successful SEO – Viral SEO Services

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