Google Caffeine – Faster, Real Time Search Index

Google Caffeine offers a faster, real time search index. What makes this happen is a new architecture that powers the world’s most popular search engine. It gives users 50% fresher results (according to Google), as well as more relevant and local results that include social media results from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Experience Live SearchGoogle Caffeine - Faster, Real Time Search Index

The days of accessing a previously updated Web index are gone with the introduction of Caffeine. This amazing architecture has brought great power to Web users. Thanks to this, the Web is accessed by the web searcher almost as it is at that point of time, with freshly published content, updates from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, and news and information content given great priority by Google.

What Makes This Happen

This is the result of crawling the Web and updating the index on a continuous basis, enabling new content to be indexed each second. According to Google, millions of gigabytes of new information are added by Caffeine a single day. Google can now index on a much larger scale and Matt Cutts revealed the figures to be in the region of 100 petabytes.

Impact on SEO Strategy

With the faster, real time search index of Google picking up information quicker, any good SEO strategy – that includes keyword weighting, fresh content, social bookmarking and other such successful elements – applied to a website would immediately begin to bear fruit in the search rankings. However, any slip up would immediately send the rankings plunging since there would always be competing sites with new and quality content, links from social networking platforms and greater site speed that would be immediately detected by Caffeine and updated to the index.

As Google Caffeine produces a faster, real time search index, users can experience live Web, while it provides great opportunities for SEO strategists.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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