Google Caffeine – Fresher Results for Web Searches

Google Caffeine offers fresher results for Web searches, thanks to its new architecture. So what’s great about this architecture?

Google Caffeine is all about crawling the Web and indexing the new content in the fastest way possible. It is a simple answer and revolves around continuous crawling and indexing rather than indexing at regular intervals as was the case with the earlier architecture of Google. In a word, this translates to an experience of searching the Web almost live instead of accessing an index of the Web created 12 to 24 hours ago.
Google Caffeine - Fresher Results for Web Searches

Freedom to Web Searchers

This opens up tremendous opportunities for Web searchers. Not only can they get to access real time results, but also find news and information content as well as updates from social media sites. For SEO strategists any wise strategy adopted will make its presence felt immediately in the search rankings, as Google now picks up new stuff faster.

How Google Indexed the Web before

When Google began to make its presence felt around ten years ago, it could only update its Web index once in four months. The process of indexing would itself take around 10 days to complete. Then Google began indexing on a monthly basis and finally each night. But now with Caffeine, it keeps crawling continuously and immediately indexes new information every few seconds so that users get real time results.

With fresher results now available for Google searchers, sites should continue with their tried and tested SEO practices but must emphasize on content quality and freshness along with judicious application of keywords. SEO must also focus more on social media marketing as these results are now foremost in Google’s rankings. What must be kept in mind is, you can now be either punished or rewarded faster with Caffeine.

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