Google Caffeine – Benefits for Users and Webmasters

When one thinks of Goggle Caffeine, it almost has the buzz of a new search engine. Microsoft’s Zing had a well-documented launch, while Caffeine was quietly set in motion by Google after months of testing at select data centers. Google Caffeine isn’t a new search engine, but it has revolutionized the manner in which Google crawls the Web and presents it to the user.

Search the Web As It IsGoogle Caffeine - Benefits for Users and Webmasters

Caffeine brings about live search or enables accessing the web as it is. When one searches with a particular query in Google, the results that appear are from the web as it is and not an archive (called index) of the web that was created sometime ago. Users can also get results that are closer to their geographical location and are more relevant to the exact thing they are looking for.

The results not only provide encyclopedic content, but also up-to-date news items and social media updates from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The information appearing in the results pages also contains content published only a few seconds ago, keeping users updated with everything happening around them regarding the query they’ve entered. This was something unthinkable with Google’s earlier architecture.

Comprehensive Web Crawling

Back then, since parts of the web were crawled at regular intervals, which until the launch of Google were every night or every 12 hours, search results could only display results from a web index prepared when it was last crawled by Google. New content published would have to wait till Google would crawl and index the web the next time. New search architectures by rival search engines such as Bing has caused Google to act in time to maintain its unrivalled popularity among web users.

This opens great marketing opportunities for webmasters who can expect innovative strategies – coherent keyword incorporation, social bookmarking, and user-friendly interface – applied to their site along with content quality and good website performance to propel it almost instantly up the rankings ahead of rival sites. The good work must be maintained or rival sites could usurp them in the rankings.

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