Google Caffeine – Elements of Success

SEO CompanyCaffeine is the new architecture that powers Google and helps it crawl the web in a more comprehensive and continuous manner. The elements of success of Google Caffeine that have contributed to it becoming popular include its capability to provide web searchers with more relevant real time results. People searching with a particular phrase can get results that help them with practical information and things that are happening around them.

Real Time Search

What makes Caffeine successful is the live search it enables. People can get the most relevant information that has been published just a few seconds ago, and this primarily includes news items and social media updates that fill you in with all the current buzz about the search query, and not mere head knowledge.

Content Quality and Site Performance

The second element contributing to the success of Google Caffeine is its emphasis on the user experience when one enters a site. Along with coherent keyword usage, Google now also emphasizes content quality and user-friendliness. No longer will users find useless sites ranked high up owing to their keyword content. Only relevant results from sites that have better performance, quality content and user-friendly interface will be up there – an initiative for good sites to work on their SEO and earn high rankings.

Social Networking Platforms

The final element responsible for Caffeine’s success is its emphasis on social networking. Twitter, Facebook, Netlog and other such networking platforms have taken the world by storm. Communities and friends discuss not just jokes and fun stuff but serious matters regarding careers, business, industry, and so on. Businesses have made social bookmarking a vital element of SEO as it’s a good platform to spread the word about new products and services. Links into, and matter from social media platforms will be vital considerations in enabling a site to appear prominently in search rankings, granting relevancy to search results.

These elements of success of Google Caffeine have widened the frontiers for webmasters and SEO strategists, giving them new opportunities to put their clever SEO plans to work. A great master plan will surely reap the rewards instantly.

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