Google Caffeine – How It Affects SEO Rankings

Google Caffeine is here to stay, providing users with unique possibilities namely live search and greater importance placed on updated content in the hugely popular social networking sites.

What Caffeine Accomplishes

So how does Google Caffeine affect SEO rankings? The answer lies in figuring out what the architecture of Caffeine accomplishes. It facilitates a more efficient means of Web crawling that results in continuous crawling of the global Web in parts and immediate indexing of new information detected. As a result searches are now fast, results are more relevant, and users get as close to accessing the Web live as possible.

Impact on SEO Rankings

• SEO rankings will now be determined by the same parameters but with priority on the freshness of the content and the updates in social networking sites. Social media marketing should therefore be given greater importance in any SEO strategy. This would enable faster indexing of your content by Google, and result in higher ranking in the search results.

• Of course proper keyword weighting is still going to play an important role, but this should be combined with creating quality content and promoting it, as Caffeine hunts for quality and presents it much faster than Google used to do it earlier. It isn’t quality alone that Google looks out for. Site performance is of paramount importance as well. Your website should load faster in order to attain better rankings, and that depends on better hosting.

The good news is that since Caffeine now indexes new content faster, any wise SEO strategy implemented to your website will bear fruit soon as it will be detected quicker by Caffeine. So, get brainy and make Google Caffeine work for you. You know you will be rewarded as always, only this time a lot faster.

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