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The launch of Google Instant has generated mammoth excitement among users and in the SEO industry. But how does Google Instant make the difference, not only for the end user but also for the hugely relevant SEO industry?

User Benefits of Google Instant

Google Instant enables quick search or searching as you type your search query. Google’s VP for Search and User Experience Marissa Mayer would have us believe that Google Instant is searching before we type, or in other words, “parallelizing” the processes of the user entering the search query and Google delivering the results. This naturally makes search faster even for slow typists while enabling them to fine tune their search query if the initial results don’t deliver what is expected. As each letter of the search query is being typed, Google’s algorithms deliver results based on predictions about what you’re intending to search.

What Google Instant effectively does is help you avoid typing the “Search” or “Enter” keys. That does save a lot of time and motivates people to do more searches, great for advertisers and webmasters, which brings us to the next question – how does Google Instant make the difference for SEO?

Implications for SEO

In a word, it makes SEO adapt to the new user experience. SEO strategies will have to move away from targeting particular keywords and be designed in a more holistic manner incorporating keywords and keyword phrases which Google’s algorithms are likely to associate with what people type in the search box. Secondly, SEO must always be able to provide a better user experience through content quality and site performance. Google can quickly detect such sites and bring them to the fore in the search results.

MOS SEO Services employs well qualified and skilled copywriters, web designers, online marketing and SEO strategists, and blog writers to help your business develop the right SEO strategy to come out successfully through innovations such as Google Instant.

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MOS SEO Services

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