Adapt to Google Instant with MOS SEO Services

Google Instant has created waves since its launch, not only in analyzing its benefits for the user, but in the form of concerns for the SEO industry. A few impetuous reactions have led to a debate with one side fearing the death of SEO and the other calming those worries and dismissing the very thought of such a prospect.
Adapt to Google Instant with MOS SEO Services

What’s New about Google Instant?

Google Instant has been perceived by many to merely be an extension or a more active form of the Google Suggest and auto-complete features that have been in existence for quite some time. If viewed from such a perspective, Google Instant doesn’t appear to possess that venomous touch for SEO like many have feared. In fact, Instant, as per Google’s hopes with all of its innovations, will help good or white hat SEO techniques and serve to cut down the benefits of employing black hat methods. Such a noble intention hardly needs to be paraded around as a SEO-killer, in Google’s own view.

Personalized Search – Not a New Concept

The possibility of personalized search has been the key factor of arguments made by bloggers such as Steve Rubel who’ve claimed that the possibility of variations in search results for different users could make SEO redundant. But personalized search isn’t a totally new concept. Through the innovations highlighted earlier, Google has been providing a certain degree of personalization and also results based on user location, particularly after the launch of Google Caffeine.

An Improvement on the Search Process

The difference here is quicker and more precise search, getting users exactly what they’re looking for thanks to the ability for live search query editing. Users can see the results of a particular query as they type and modify the query accordingly to deliver them the most appropriate results. Once the user sees the favorable results coming they can stop typing and click the results. It saves plenty of time and makes search an all round faster and more fun process.

But since results are still ranked and shown according to their rankings, the importance of SEO will continue and comprehensive SEO firms such as MOS SEO Services can help businesses evolve their SEO to cater to Google Instant.