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The SEO industry has been opened a world of opportunities with the arrival of Google Instant. Though there has been quite a reaction to this innovation with many claiming it would put an end to SEO, closer analysis based on initial observation establishes that nothing of the sort is likely to happen. SEO would have to modify itself to new search innovations, but as Matt Cutts revealed, SEO will continue to be prominent in the years to come.
Developing Successful SEO for Google Instant

Google Instant – Could be Just What Your Site Needs

Hot on the heels of the introduction of Google Caffeine – the new Google algorithm that facilitates continuous and universal web crawling to enable real time search and reward content freshness and Google SEO almost instantly – comes Google Instant. These innovations, while expressly focusing on improving user experience and service, can also be quick spotters of websites with good SEO, great content and user-friendly interface and reward them with high rankings.

Will Users Always Get What They Want – Keyword Optimization

One of the most significant implications of Google Instant on SEO is in the realm of keyword optimization. SEO will now have to focus on direct and more generic keyword phrases to generate massive search volumes. These are the keywords that form the basis for Google Instant’s prediction of the user’s search query. Users may intend to enter long-tail and highly specific keywords and keyword phrases, but before they can complete typing Google would show them the likely results of their search query. Users would then move on to analyze the results, hoping to get what they precisely need there.

Searchers would be drawn away to what Google believes they need, while a few may not check the results coming up at all and keep typing what’s in their mind. However, focusing on the generic keywords would bring increased traffic to the site. Keyword optimization can be focused on the few primary and important keywords. Sharper focusing leads to better performance, and thereby better results, something that the comprehensive SEO and online marketing service provider MOS SEO Services seeks to achieve for its clients.

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