Google Caffeine and Its Effect on Rankings and SEO

Google Caffeine is a new architecture powering Google searches. The earlier criteria for ranking sites are still more or less the same. What’s different is how Google indexes the web.Google Caffeine and Its Effect on Rankings and SEO

Decoding Google Caffeine

Caffeine is a new way of thoroughly scouring the web in a continuous process that ensures any new information is immediately added to the index. So when you search for anything, the listings that come on the Google search page are from the updated Web with new information including content quite recently, even a few seconds before. It’s like searching the Web as it is instead of a Web archive that was updated 12 or 24 hours before. This would have been the case with the earlier Google architecture that would crawl and index the Web every 24 hours and at even longer intervals in earlier versions.

How SEO Strategies Would Work

Some of the resulting elements of Google Caffeine are greater emphasis on real time results including news articles and updates from social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Any successful SEO marketing strategy should make use of these concepts. Social bookmarking could make quite a difference in the overall search rankings. What’s really encouraging for SEO strategists is that thanks to the quicker indexing by Google, great SEO strategies that have been applied will take effect sooner. Since the ranking criteria haven’t changed, the earlier SEO strategies still apply, though they will bear fruit much faster.

Another vital factor is the importance of your website’s performance. With site speed now held in great importance by Google, efficient hosting is as important as SEO strategies in ensuring higher rankings.

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