Google Caffeine – More Relevant Search Results

Google Caffeine - More Relevant Search ResultsGoogle’s launch of its new architecture, Caffeine, has created waves. It’s a new method of indexing the web that has made real time search a reality.

How Caffeine Does Things

This isn’t a new search engine. It is Google’s new official method to search the web better and give web searchers the most relevant information that is new, up-to-date and closer to home in order to give them better service. This welcome feature makes users able to search the web as it is rather than as an index of the Web that was updated 12 hours or so before.

With the earlier search architecture this was the case, making it impossible for users to get access to newly published content as and when it appears on the web since the index or the search results that appear are actually how things were when the web was crawled and indexed last, which could be up to 12 hours ago. Google used to crawl the web every night for picking up new content and freshening up the index. Any new content appearing in the web after that would only be seen in the search rankings the next day.

Pre-Caffeine Google Era

During the time Google was started, the web was only updated every four months! With the explosion of the World Wide Web and the amount of information being added every minute, an improvement had to be made if Google had to maintain its position as the most popular search engine. So Google began indexing the web every ten days and finally every 12 hours. But that wouldn’t compare with searching the web continuously in a more universal manner and presenting new information to web searchers right when it appears. Caffeine does just this, and Google has launched it at the right time, just when Microsoft’s Bing has been introduced.

For webmasters, Google Caffeine brings a great opportunity to improve search engine rankings. Any clever SEO strategy that places importance on keyword weighting, content quality and social bookmarking will make its influence felt immediately on the search rankings.