Google Caffeine – What to Expect

Google Caffeine - What to ExpectGoogle Caffeine, the new architecture that is powering the popular search engine, now offers the most relevant and real-time results. It serves the needs of web users better by giving them just what they’re looking for, namely real time search.

More Relevant and Real Time Search Results

If I’m searching for “coconuts” with Google under the new architecture, I get not only encyclopedic content from reference sites such as Wikipedia, but also real time information of what people are cooking using coconuts, people growing coconuts or markets closest to my location selling them. It gives me head knowledge as well as practical information that might even have been published only seconds before. Not only would I know what coconuts are and their various varieties, but also where I can get them easily and how I can use them. I can even know what people are doing with them thanks to the importance placed by Caffeine on content from social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All the results would be up-to-date as well.

What Google Caffeine Does

The name “Caffeine” doesn’t appear anywhere. It isn’t a new search engine, but a novel method that works behind the scenes to provide real time search. Caffeine enables Google to crawl the web continuously, and not at regular intervals, enabling newly published content to be added as and when it is found. Thus when users search, they access search results from the web as it is, and not an index of the web prepared sometime before. It is searching the live web.

Google Caffeine provides great opportunities for webmasters to experiment on innovative SEO strategies and see the benefits immediately. The positive effects of balanced keyword incorporation, quality content, user-friendly interface, constant updating and social bookmarking will reflect instantly in the search rankings. On the negative side, thanks to the immense flooding of rival websites, any slip up in SEO will send rankings plummeting in quite a short period.

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