Google Caffeine – What’s New about It?

Google Caffeine - What's New about It?What are the new possibilities of search opened up by Google Caffeine? The most pronounced trend that has been inaugurated is real time search – searching the web as it is at the time of performing the search. For the uninitiated it would seem, “Well, wasn’t it that way all the time?”

Real Time Search, Thanks to More Efficient Crawling

To learn more about Google Caffeine it’s essential to figure out how it was before and how it is now with the new architecture. There may be no user interface changes. So you wouldn’t know the difference by merely visiting the Google home page. But when you begin searching, a new system enables you to get the most updated and relevant results. In fact, Google claims 50% fresher results in every search than before.

Under the previous architecture, parts of the Web were crawled every night and then indexed. It was this index that came out in the results the next day. So the results I get when I search for something would be based on the Web as it was 12 to 24 hours before. Earlier, the web was indexed only every month resulting in a further delay of updated information added.

Searching the Web As It Is

Remember what we said at the beginning – searching the web as it is at the time of searching? That just couldn’t fully happen with the earlier system. With Caffeine though, the Web is crawled continuously rather than at regular intervals, and the new information in indexed immediately. Now when I search for something I am accessing the Web as it is, or at least as it was a few minutes before.

Live search and greater indexing of content from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are the greatest possibilities of Google Caffeine. For SEO strategists, that means constant updating, greater keyword weighting and greater emphasis placed on social media marketing.

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