SEO Strategies in the Era of Google Caffeine

SEO Strategies in the Era of Google CaffeineWith Google Caffeine around, Web users have the world at their fingertips thanks to the access to live Web. It gives them search results from not only encyclopedic sites but also news and social media sites and blogs. You feel all the current buzz related to the concerned search query on the prominent pages instead of reading through some archived information. The clue to any successful website lies here. Google Caffeine is in all ways a much more powerful and efficient search mode.

Key Factors for SEO Success

Concentrating on social bookmarking and PPC management is important for success, along with incorporating keywords and phrases in a judicious manner. The importance of applying keywords in the right way is more important than ever as Google can now detect and weed out spam sites faster. The quality of information, site speed and user-friendliness are also important in getting your site up in the rankings.

What Google Caffeine Does Better

So what’s new about Google Caffeine that gives it the ability to serve the needs of Web users better? It indexes the Web in a different manner, in a continuous process rather than every 24 hours as was the case before. Back then, the Web would be crawled and then indexed every night. What a user would search for the next 24 hours would be an archive of the Web (called Web index) and any new content published by a site would not find its way to the index except after the next 24 hours.

With Caffeine, the Web is crawled and new information immediately indexed in a continuous process, so users can access the Web almost as it is, live, instead of searching through an index of the Web created earlier. Real time search is here to stay as Google responds to the launch of Microsoft’s improved search engine, Bing.

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