Google Caffeine and Its Relevance to Online Marketing

Google Caffeine and Its Relevance to Online MarketingThe arrival of Google Caffeine has forced companies to think harder and focus in a more concerted manner towards improving their SEO campaigns. Why all the buzz? The simple reason is Google ranks new information on the web instantly with Caffeine, its new architecture, and offers real time search through constant crawling and indexing of the web, and places a great deal of importance on information from social networking platforms and geographically relevant and related news items and information.

Why Caffeine Was Introduced

The purpose is to provide better service to web searchers, and give them exactly what they’re looking for, not encyclopedic knowledge alone but also practical information that is relevant to them and helps them. Caffeine – a new architecture powering Google and not a new search engine – has been introduced by Google also to counter the threat posed by rivals, particularly the launch of Microsoft’s newly improved search engine, Bing.

How Google Caffeine Works

What Caffeine does is help Google crawl the web in a universal and thorough manner continuously without a break in between that enables newly published content to be indexed immediately. This results in the user getting the latest content on the search pages in relation to the search query. Previously, what the user got in the search pages wasn’t necessarily the latest content. The pages merely used to be a previously prepared index of the web. New content might have been published later but wouldn’t appear on the search results until the web was crawled next time. Now though, the user accesses the live web and receives new information as it appears.

Exciting Times for Webmasters

Google Caffeine’s relevance to online marketing lies in the fact that new sites can easily look to move up in the rankings above their rivals through clever use of the earlier SEO techniques plus greater importance placed on social bookmarking and site performance. It is a great boost to generate site traffic and popularity. Webmasters who do the best job will be rewarded almost instantly with higher rankings, thanks to live search by Google Caffeine.

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