Google Caffeine and Online Marketing Strategies

Google Caffeine and Online Marketing StrategiesWhat does Google Caffeine do to your rankings? It doesn’t change the way your site is ranked, it merely watches out for newly published content all the time, and when your rival site gets newer information and more links through social bookmarking, it could immediately put it on top of yours in the rankings. Google now detects new stuff faster and indexes it in a matter of seconds. The introduction of Caffeine only means that you need to think on your feet and always stay active with your SEO strategies to ensure high ranking for your website.

Quicker Results Thanks to Quicker Indexing

The good news is that any new strategy you apply to increase the performance of your site will make its result known soon. You’ll get rewarded for your efforts faster. So how does Caffeine go about its business? It grants users live search by indexing the Web in a continuous process rather than at regular intervals. When you search with a keyword phrase, you’re taken to a Web index that’s probably only a few seconds old.

With live search now a possibility thanks to Google Caffeine, webmasters would do well to work hard on better PPC management, as organic search results are given greater importance now. Links and updates from social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also now more important and social bookmarking is therefore quite an important element of any online marketing strategy.

User-friendliness Is a Key Factor

The performance of your website is crucial too as page load time, quality of content and overall user-friendliness are given great importance by Goggle Caffeine. So it is important to work on these features constantly. Caffeine has been introduced to maintain Google as a competent search engine. The user comes first and websites with the same goal get rewarded better.