Google Caffeine and Webmasters

Google Caffeine and WebmastersHow will Google Caffeine affect rankings? In other words, what do webmasters have to do differently in order to benefit from the new architecture that powers Google? There aren’t many revolutionary ideas that webmasters need to apply.

Google Caffeine – Bringing Live Search Closer

Google Caffeine may be a new search architecture, but it doesn’t imply new parameters of search. It’s only a new way in which the Web is indexed by Google, leading to fresher results. When users search with a keyword phrase, they get access to a much fresher index of the Web, almost close to the live Web, with news and real time information results that would have been published and immediately indexed by Google only a few seconds or minutes before.

Not a New, but a More Aggressive SEO Strategy

With real time search now a reality, webmasters need to be on their toes in order to ensure their site remains on top and is not usurped by a competing website that manages to keep updating its content and uses social bookmarking for greater traffic and higher rankings. Constant updating of content and greater emphasis on marketing through social networking platforms are therefore very important strategies that can bring about positive results. These techniques ensure freshness and the real time relevance of your website, just what will attract Google to rank it higher. With organic search results given greater importance by Caffeine, effective PPC management would also become vital.

Of course the tried and tested SEO strategy of judiciously including relevant keywords and keyword phrases still applies, and this combined with the above criteria would make your site easily conspicuous to Google as it continuously indexes changes to the Web.

Google Caffeine opens up quite an exciting challenge for webmasters and SEO strategists. Any brainstorm will immediately cast its influence on the search rankings and therefore overall popularity.

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