How Google Caffeine Impacts the SEO Strategist

How Google Caffeine Impacts the SEO StrategistWhat is cool about Google Caffeine? To make it as concise as possible, users can experience real time and highly relevant search, thanks to the more efficient web crawling facilitated through a faster indexing system and some other changes brought about by the new architecture of Caffeine. It gets web searchers closer to live search. It’s also a clear signal that websites need to be more profound in the application of their SEO strategies.

Getting Behind the Working of Caffeine

To understand how SEO strategies need to be differently adopted, one needs to get behind the curtains for a sneak peak into the working of the new Caffeine architecture, introduced seemingly in reaction to Microsoft’s upgraded Bing search engine.

Caffeine brings about more continuous crawling of the web and immediate indexing. There is absolutely no time elapsed between the crawling for new information and its immediate indexing. Thanks to this continuous process, searchers can get the latest published pages, blogs and public conversations in social networking sites.

Impact on SEO strategies – Social Networking and Content Freshness

Speaking of social networking, this is one area that now gets a great deal of attention from Google. And this is what SEO strategists could capitalize on. Getting a mention of one’s website or services in social media sites is now probably as important as generating backlinks. The importance given by Google to social media networking means it considers mentions in Twitter, Facebook and other such platforms as quite relevant.

The other bearing on SEO strategies is the importance of constant updating. As can be understood from the term “real time search” Google looks for the latest information, and hence mere intelligent integration of keywords into the content and pages won’t ensure long term search ranking preference. Just like social networking sites are never stale and always contain rapidly updated information, freshness of content is now of paramount importance.

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