How Google Seeks to Serve You Better with the New Caffeine

How Google Seeks to Serve You Better with the New CaffeineA new web indexing system from Google, a more efficient means of crawling the web, search results closer to real time, more updated and relevant results – all these are said to characterize Google’s new search index “Caffeine” that is already powering searches.

The Need for Caffeine

Caffeine is a new architecture that is claimed to have been designed to bring about faster result returns. The massive popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it essential for Google to revamp its method of web indexing in order to accommodate rapidly updating changes in information in web pages, blogs and social networking outlets.

Google Caffeine – More Efficient Web Crawling

According to Google, Caffeine, introduced on June 8, 2010, displays results that are 50% fresher when compared to the earlier Google architecture, thanks to the employment of faster and more continuous index updating. Factors that now affect a page’s ranking in the search results are, apart from relevancy and conventional Page Rank parameters, greater keyword weighting and the domain’s freshness. Real time or live search is here, thanks to a different pattern of web crawling adopted by Google.

This new indexing method is nothing but a more exhaustive and continuous cataloging of the vast web. The earlier web crawling and indexing system was carried out in layers. While the main layer was indexed once in two weeks, the other layers wouldn’t update uniformly. Refreshing a single layer would involve analyzing the web in its entirety. A user searching Google may not get the most recently posted articles, updated pages or Twitter or Facebook conversations, because of the delay between finding the updated pages and indexing them, thereby making it unavailable for users in real time.

Google Caffeine replaces the layer system and facilitates better crawling through continuous analysis of the web in little portions and instant indexing of newly found information.

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