Is Google Caffeine Really Different?

Is Google Caffeine Really Different?What makes Google Caffeine different, and what’s groundbreaking about it?

Can the Changes be Seen?

Google Caffeine has now been implemented in all Google data centers and it is most likely powering all global searches. But since there are no UI (user interface) changes, it is hard to tell for the casual user that a new architecture is now running Google. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, even power users, who were able to test the changes in the search results brought about by Caffeine back in its development stage, wouldn’t be able to identify any changes at first glance.

Google claims that it didn’t choose to change any visible element of the already user friendly interface of the search engine. Instead, it worked behind the scenes to increase performance and facilitate real time search, with web index kept up-to-date.

Live Search, through Better Web Crawling

More efficient web crawling is the secret behind this new architecture that enables the web to be screened continuously rather than at regular intervals and the updates indexed as and when they are found, so that when searchers use Google they get the closest results to live search. The pages, blogs and content that have been updated down to the last minute will be ranked in the search page. When I search I get what is presently available in the web, in the initial pages, and not content added months or years back.

As Google Caffeine places increased importance on social networking, SEO strategies need to revolve on the popularity of social media marketing. Mentions in conversations in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter really influence search engine rankings, and are probably as important as generating backlinks from other websites. Constant updating of pages and content are also vital along with keyword weighting.

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