Keyword Optimization for Google Instant by MOS SEO Services

Keyword Optimization for Google Instant by MOS SEO ServicesThere has been quite a storm created by journalists and others over the launch of Google Instant and its perceived impact on SEO. This new innovation is merely an improvement on the conventional search process, but has a great bearing on the future of search and SEO.

Search – No More a Time Consuming Process

Google Instant makes users search more by eliminating the processes that take time, particularly the process of typing a search query, pressing “enter” and waiting for the results to come in. Now, Google combines all these processes into one, in effect parallelizing them so that when the user begins typing the search query the results already begin to come in, saving the need for clicking “search” or “enter.” This means that users would not have the time to complete the search query but Google would predict what the topic searched is and provide accurate results.

Making the Vast Amounts of Data Accessible

The web is quite a confusing maze of information, but with this smart technology it becomes easy for you to get what you want. This means that SEO will now have to be sharper and more precise, as slip-ups could not only mean lower rankings but also lead to Google completely avoiding such sites, as the one imperfect element of previous searches – the human factor manifesting itself through imprecise search query wordings and long-tail keywords – is removed. Only the most appropriate, relevant, quality and user-friendly sites will be spotted by Google and presented in the results page immediately.

How SEO Needs to Change

SEO needs to adapt in terms of keyword optimization as well as in content quality, freshness and relevancy. With the comprehensive services and expertise of SEO firms such as MOS SEO Services, companies can indeed benefit from Google Instant, as clean SEO strategy will be picked up by Google and given to users. Google Instant, like all Google innovations, serves to reward white hat methods while punishing black hat attempts.

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