Effective Link Building with Good Website Copy & Content Syndication

Effective Link Building with Good Website Copy & Content SyndicationThose who think that link building could lose its popularity compared to other less wearisome Google algorithm elements, think again! Link building will continue to be the most important SEO tactic for the near future. The future would in fact see link building becoming the simplest method by which a computer program can assess the reliability and significance of a web page. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because links are the fundamental relationship on the web.

11 Tips to Get You Going On Your Link Building Venture

Here are 11 tips by which you can use effective web copy and article and PR submissions to perform successful link building:

1) Create a “101 list,” “10 easy tips/ways to help you” articles, “top 10 myths” articles, or similar articles as these are wonderful link bait.

2) Make a list of experts or trusted resources and aim to impress them with your project. Making the project appear fairly official is a smart idea. If you succeed, the experts would perhaps thank you or link to your website.

3) Create wide-ranging resource lists for a chosen topic.

4) Work earnestly to ensure that your content is easy to follow and free from spelling or grammatical errors. This would prove beneficial if you want authoritative people to link to your website.

5) Increase the credibility and authority of your site by including easily accessible “about” and “privacy policy” sections and maybe a picture of yourself.

6) Take advantage of good article submission websites such as EzineArticles, iSnare, and GoArticles. The article pages of these websites have a high search engine rank and heavy, qualified viewer traffic.

7) Submit articles to suitable industry news websites. A good example is WebProNews for SEO articles to increase online visibility of your SEO website.

8 ) Syndicate a newsworthy, convincing press release and submit it to PRLeap, PRWeb or other good press release submission websites. Email it to carefully selected bloggers and journalists.

9) Find out who the readers are for your press releases or articles and provide them with exclusive content or news.

10) Carry out studies and surveys that would show people they are important. If you can give people that sense of importance, they would be willing to do free marketing for you.

11) Develop content about and link to companies featured in the “in the news” pages. These companies link back to blog posts and stories which cover their activities and events. The task becomes easy if you have a blog or news section (Type your business sector + “in the news”) on Google.

Develop Trusted Links that Do Count

Google algorithms have developed to a great extent with more importance being placed now on reliable links. It is hoped that this blog would help you develop links that would count and not those that wouldn’t. Here’s wishing you all the best for your SEO campaign!

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