How Google Caffeine Will Affect an SEO Website

How Google Caffeine Will Affect an SEO WebsiteWith any new search engine architecture the concern rises for SEO websites. Now with the arrival of Google Caffeine, what will be the impact on an SEO website?

How Caffeine Works – Spectacular Figures

According to Google’s own Matt Cutts, Caffeine now processes in parallel millions of Web pages every second. That translates to millions of gigabytes a single day, consuming nearly 100 million gigabytes in storage space in a single database! These are astonishing figures that enable Google to index 100 petabytes of documents. To keep up and get the better of the increased competition in the search pages brought out by this new architecture, SEO websites must evolve more focused strategies that generate results and attract Google that is always on the lookout for freshly updated quality content in the Web to immediately index.

What Are the Criteria for Successful Ranking?

As a result, the new Caffeine architecture does rely more on keywords for ranking, but also looks for domain freshness. Greater emphasis is placed on social media, news and information results, in a quest to get the Web searcher closer to real-time search. It places greater burden on SEO strategies, as they have to be sharper now and perform better to fend off competition from new and upcoming sites as well as sites bringing in a great deal of traffic from social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter along with backlinks from other websites. Constant updating and connections to social networking platforms are important as Caffeine looks out for the most recent content and pages to display in search rankings.

More efficient and continuous crawling and indexing of small portions of the Web globally has brought users as close to live search as they can ever get. It also offers more hope to upcoming websites that can look for better rankings through a strategy that revolves around social media marketing to get the message across.

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