How to Adapt to Google Caffeine

How to Adapt to Google CaffeineGoogle Caffeine is a new search architecture that is powering Google. It works in a new and more efficient manner to grant web searchers more relevant and real time results. It enables users to come as close as possible to accessing the Web live. Users don’t get merely archived results and encyclopedic content, but the latest results, blogs, updates from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, news updates, and other published content indexed by Caffeine seconds ago.

It’s a whole new opportunity for users, but it’s also a new real life laboratory for webmasters to put their SEO and online marketing strategies to work, and reap the benefits (or bear the consequences) instantly.

Google Caffeine’s Bearing on SEO strategy

SEO strategies will bear effect soon. In other words, any new marketing plan you put to work in order to generate traffic to your site and ensure site popularity will be felt immediately in the search rankings or on the search list pages of Google. That’s quite an opportunity to improve rankings and set right any faulty strategy that might have been applied in the past.

Benefiting from Google Caffeine

A few critical elements websites need to possess now are freshness of content, good performance, greater content quality, more importance on marketing through social media marketing, and the all-time important SEO principles including judicious use of keywords. With these elements in tow, webmasters can hope to capitalize on the new Google architecture.

Fresh content ensures Google keeps cataloging it since it keeps indexing the web continuously and universally and not at regular intervals as it used to with its earlier architecture. A website with stagnant content will easily be piled up beneath sites that keep updating themselves. The importance placed by Google on real time results also makes social media marketing important for websites to garner more traffic and ensure higher search ranking.

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