Make Google Instant Work for You with MOS SEO Services

Make Google Instant Work for You with MOS SEO ServicesWith live search editing offered by Google Instant, searching for a given topic is a lot more fun. You’re much closer to getting exactly what you want and not what you’re forced to accept. Since Google guides you by, in a sense, searching for you, you have a greater chance of getting the right results and thereby save time for a given search.

Predicting the Search Query – Key to Fast Searches

Google Instant now picks up on the letters you enter for your search query, predicts what you are intending to search, and produces the results. It makes search faster and more fun. The significant effect this has on SEO is that the importance of long tail keywords will come down massively. This is because once users begin typing the search query, Google picks up on it. People just won’t get any chance to keep on typing long keyword phrases.

Forget Long-tail Keywords

This means that if your website is optimized for these long-tail keywords it won’t get spotted by Google easily even if users are searching for the subject you deal with. With the rise of Google Instant’s capability of predicting keywords, the more direct, probable and short keywords regarding a particular topic have become important. This has to be the focus in keyword optimization campaigns.

Content Freshness and Site Performance Important

The other areas SEO will have to focus on are fresh content in websites and user friendly interface, factors that enable Google’s algorithms to pick up sites easily. User friendliness is what Google claims each of its innovations aim at. That gives it the competitive edge, and SEO strategies focusing on similar goals can hope to benefit as well. The comprehensive solutions offered by MOS SEO Services can help businesses face the challenges brought about by new innovation, as well as rival sites and continue to experience greater traffic and receive higher earnings.

Google maintains that Google Instant won’t get rid of SEO, but only make it focus more on the user by avoiding black hat methods.

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