Geo-Social Networks – A Boon for Local Businesses

Geo-Social Networks - A Boon for Local BusinessesGeo-social networks are a boon for local businesses. Geo-social networking is social networking in which geographic solutions and abilities such as geo-tagging and geo-coding are used to grow additional social dynamics.

The key to successful viral marketing is the rate at which messages get passed on to increase brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives. Viral marketing companies use geo-social networks that employ geo-location methods to coordinate and link users with events or local people relevant to their interests. Just a simple link on the geo-social network can improve search engine visibility to an unbelievable extent. So viral marketing that teams up with geo-social networking can increase web traffic to a targeted website and go a long way in building a business’s brand and its community.

Providers of professional SEO services can help small businesses connect with loyal customers and improve their visibility with the help of geo-social networks as follows:

  • User loyalty can be encouraged with a wonderful “thank you” gift. They can add up points every time they shop with the business and be rewarded with gift coupons, credits, and so on.
  • The business’s claimed profile can be adorned with photos of the client business – For instance, people love to see photos of hotel rooms, people enjoying themselves, menus, and food. These digital benefits are important in attracting new business as well as for engaging the current customer base.
  • Customers who use smart phones can be coaxed to add a photo, tip, or review to their account.
  • Leading geo-social networks allow businesses to claim their community profiles and ensure that all the data is accurate. This helps them check if the link/URL to the website is functioning properly and if relevant information such as hours of operation is accurate.
  • Incorporating special deals for geo-social network users like discounts and attractive “add-on gifts” with specific purchases, and so on is possible.