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Social Media Marketing

How to use Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook to achieve a high search engine ranking

Social media platforms like Twitter, You Tube, and Facebook are a great way to improve your search engine ranking. The rapid growth of social media has meant that more search engine optimization efforts should be directed towards tapping these great online tools to boost online visibility.

Internet surfers who use social media sites feel that that the recommendations, reviews, or opinions posted by people on social media platforms are more reliable than formal marketing messages. So ideally, these media should be utilized by SEO and viral marketing companies looking to provide professional SEO services. Some tips for optimal results:

Twitter (Followers and Retweets)

a) The name of the account should be optimized so as to reflect your brand and company, and yourself, in the best way possible.
b) A good number of quality followers would increase the credibility of your Twitter profile and the importance of your link. Ideal followers are those who have their own groups of followers and that are in the same industry as you.
c) Include back links in the tweets to direct readers to your website. Shorten the links with shorteners such as or
d) Your content would increase in authoritativeness the more times it is reproduced or retweeted.

You Tube

a) The descriptions in the You Tube videos you upload should have a link to your site.
b) If the number of views and people who like your video content is impressive, that means more value attached to your video. If you can get someone to link to you from his You Tube profile, it would definitely boost your value.
c) If the title of your video includes references to your intended keywords, it would assist with ensuring that any authority passed would be applicable to a particular theme. If and wherever possible, include keywords in the transcript and/or tags as well.


a) Make use of the “about” text box to include keyword rich content closer to the head of your page (whenever it is practical).
b) If your Facebook corporate profile garners a good number of fans and “like”comments, it means greater success for you on the SEO front. However, the likes should come through engaging with other people and with plenty of written matter that comes from other people.

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