Buzzle Never Fails to Surprise Subscribers with its Guideline Updates

The recent update to Buzzle’s editorial guidelines has come as a shockwave to companies and individual contributors who were happily advancing their online marketing efforts with this PR 6 article syndication website. With the ban on external links, questions are doing the rounds about whether really provides any internet marketing benefits.
Buzzle Never Fails to Surprise subscribers with its Guideline Updates

The Ban on External Links – What it Portends for SEO

Those familiar with Buzzle’s editorial guidelines would know that the majority of the articles on the site are from its own hired writers. With the “followable link” being out, it looks like “majority” will turn to all and Buzzle would become a totally private thing.

In spite of the stringent quality control and increasingly harsh rules, Buzzle did have its fan base. The high search engine visibility of the site, its reputation and that one external link that it allowed, increased search engine ranking and traffic, and improved the online image of article marketers that were contributing to the site. With a higher search engine ranking, the companies submitting articles would be considered authoritative, credible, and popular. They would get more calls, more business, and more ROI. Now, that’s all gone and the fan base will surely plummet.

Buzzle’s guidelines are no doubt effective in getting rid of spammers. The rule that prohibits previously published content ensures that their site has only original and worthwhile rather than poor quality content. However, the recent rule would be warding off some good writers who deliver genuinely superior, rich and fresh output. It’s difficult enough to churn out articles of a 600+ word count on a regular basis. Now with the link ban, the site is of no use whatsoever for search engine optimization efforts.

Let’s Wait and See

We can only hope that the high traffic site doesn’t decide to delete any old articles with external links. That would indeed be a loss of a whole lot of valuable links. Let’s also hope that the Buzzle guys would have a change of heart and get a little lenient at least on the link matter.