Benefit from the Latest Twitter Developments

Twitter Developments

Twitter has become an online rage and anyone looking to establish a powerful presence online would do well to take advantage of this micro-blogging invention. Twitter contributes in a good way to search engine optimization and internet marketing efforts. This blog takes you through the latest developments in Twitter so that you can be aware of them and benefit from them:

  • New Kind of Twitter Search – The new version would return more relevant search results when you click on a trending subject or search with a term. The great thing is that in addition to tweets, the results would include relevant videos and photos.
  • Now Add Photos to your Tweets – Twitter would soon be introducing a feature that would enable a user to upload a photo and add it to her tweet using alone. Users who don’t have smartphones would be able to MMS their photos.
  • Simplified Sharing – Twitter revealed through its blog, its collaboration with Apple to simplify sharing on Twitter. With a single sign-in, users can tweet away with one tap from Apple applications and other twitter enabled applications. Developers of all of your favorite apps can benefit from this single sign-in capability, letting you tweet directly from their apps too.
  • Enjoy Twitter in Brazilian Portuguese – Brazilian Portuguese is the latest translated version of Twitter. The Brazilian population and all those who know the language are definitely taking advantage of this latest development. Interestingly, Brazil’s three candidates for the presidential elections namely Dilma Rousseff, Marina Silva, and JosĂ© Serra utilized Twitter as a medium to interact with supporters and boost their campaigns.
  • Automatic Link Shortening – Now when a user has a Tweet with a link, he gets a shortened version of the link when he presses the “Tweet” button. The link will be shortened in such a manner that it requires only 19 characters. The shortened version would enable people to understand which site the link leads to. What’s more, if the Twitter user is to click on a malicious link, Twitter would guide them to a page that provides a warning.

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