Marketing Lessons from the Google vs. Facebook Battle

Marketing Lessons from the Google vs. Facebook BattleRecent reports about a survey dealing with “Unique Visitors” accessing the major sites weave a Google vs. Facebook story, reporting that Google and its network of sites including YouTube have more than 1 billion users as of May 2011 while Facebook that was widely touted to reach the 1 billion user mark first is third with around 714 million users. Microsoft and its network of sites are 2nd with 905 million users.

Facebook – the Single Site with the Most Unique Visitors

But digging into the story reveals that Facebook has still done exceedingly well, being an independent single site. The user count for the Google network covers unique visitors checking out all Google sites, which are quite a lot, including the search engine, the hugely popular video uploading site, and the email and chat service The figures also cover users of Google’s social networking site Orkut.

Considering the mammoth popularity of the sites (including a social networking one) that are under the Google banner, Facebook has performed impressively in this Google vs. Facebook battle. Microsoft’s figures also include the sites in its network. Facebook also tops the charts in time spent by a user on the site.

Marketing Success Hinges on These Players

This peek into the Google vs. Facebook battle is quite revealing and manages to give a clear direction to online businesses on the marketing strategies they need to incorporate. Professional SEO services such as MOS SEO Services keep tabs on all the data to help their clients come out on top and exploit the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook. One thing is clear, your success story has to involve these major networks that make the world go round.

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