Top 10 SEO Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Top 10 SEO Mistakes Small Businesses MakeIf you own a small business, it is paramount that you do research on methods that work and those that don’t. It would be worth your time and money to be aware of and avoid the following search engine optimization mistakes.

Ignoring your Website – It is really of no use if you set up a website with 15 to 20 pages and take no steps whatever to market it. You must add fresh content, update your existing content, build links, get involved in social media marketing, and so on to get hits and increased customer calls and ROI.

Expending your SEO efforts for multiple domains – You’ll benefit more if you restrict your SEO efforts to a single domain. If you divide your campaign among multiple domains, you may be diverted from your ranking objectives. This would reduce your focus, link popularity, and users.

Not giving necessary time and importance to online listing – Claiming your listing on Google Places, Yellow Pages, Bing, CitySearch, Yelp and other sites may be a small thing to do but it’s worth its weight in gold. When providing information for the listings, ensure information consistency among sites and also accuracy of the provided information. Try to find keyword opportunities for the listing.

Giving Too Much or Too Little Importance to SEO – Give the right position and importance to SEO. Before SEO, you must do things like branding, sales copy, and mapping. After SEO, come things such as sales funnel, conversion, and lead generation.

Spammy Links – Spammy links might bring you quick results but the results aren’t going to be sustainable. Some suggestions – develop good content, provide quality service that would invite good customer reviews, and work on Twitter and Facebook.

Blindly copying the strategy of websites with a top search engine ranking – There’s definitely nothing wrong in learning from competitors. However, you should be aware of websites that adopt short-term techniques such as thin content, manipulative links, and outright black hat to temporarily get their site in the top search results. This approach might lead to your website getting penalized.

Waiting – Your internet marketing endeavors should start from now and today. Don’t wait till you have a service or product. One suggestion is to share your skill and knowledge on a corporate blog. This will help develop trust which would prove useful when you’re launching your service or merchandise. Refrain from trying to sell through the blog content. Choose just a few channels such as the blog and Twitter to start with and do good work on them. You can try other and more channels later.

Making Use of a Single Keyword All Over the Site – Instead of running the risk of falling under a spam filter, it’s better to diversify. More keywords specific to your business would help you reach a wider audience.

Restricting Link Building to the Homepage – A web surfer should be able to reach the most applicable page on your website for a particular search term. A home page would be more general in nature, in terms of keywords and content. So develop keyword-targeted links for inner pages as well.

Not Getting Professional AssistanceProfessional SEO services can ensure you more tangible results as regards improved website visibility, more visitors and conversions.

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