Google+ – Looking to Get on Top of the Social Media Bandwagon

Google+ - Looking to Get on Top of the Social Media Bandwagon

It may seem that Facebook just can’t be toppled from its high pedestal in social media popularity, but that hasn’t stopped Google from trying. Google+ seeks to make social networking more natural and inject it with more of “the subtlety and substance of real-world interactions” which it believes are lacking in current social media interactions.

Setting about to Achieve What Buzz and Wave Couldn’t

Google+ is still in quite an experimental stage, but the expansions to make it global are continuing massively and improvements are being continually made. Google hasn’t exactly set the world alight with its social media campaigns, read Google Buzz and Google Wave.

Google+ has many exciting features and now Google is taking steps to welcome an increasing number of Google Apps users who were not able to access it. More users need to be welcomed so that the Google+ experience can truly be analyzed to examine whether it can actually get more people hooked to it beyond the technically astute and curious ones.

Greater Interaction and Spontaneous Communication

One of the key elements of Google+ is that it makes all Google products compatible with it, including Google Maps, Gmail and Picasa. It truly makes social media interactions more natural and spontaneous, since users won’t have to log in at each of these services for carrying out their interactions within their social circle or sharing stuff. Integral to every Google+ profile are the Stream that functions as a feed updating all information about the users and their social circle, and four other key elements that facilitate better interaction.

Google+ is a great effort by Google to set itself up as the most popular social media platform. But it may not be as easy to topple Facebook from its perch. More can be said only after Google+ launches worldwide.