Yahoo! Site Explorer to Shut Down

Yahoo! Site Explorer to Shut Down

It has been expected for quite some time and now it has been announced that the Yahoo! Site Explorer is to be shut down.

Yahoo! Site Explorer May Shut Down, but All Is Not Lost

This has inevitably raised fears in the SEO world since the Yahoo! Site Explorer has been providing useful link information. Not that the Yahoo-Microsoft combine hasn’t taken steps for that, as Yahoo’s blog has maintained that analytics information will be provided by Webmaster Tools, the Microsoft initiative. The reasoning behind shutting down the Yahoo! Site Explorer has been decreasing popularity and the fact that the alliance of Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing gave rise to two webmaster portals for the same kind of organic results.

Ontolo and Seomoz Could Rise to the Challenge

But SEO people needn’t worry too much as there are dedicated services Ontolo and SEOmoz that offer link information. According to Yahoo, work is already in progress at Bing Webmaster Center to bring in updated features including inbound links and traffic stat information. The actual Yahoo! Site Explorer shutdown is expected to occur sometime later in 2011 after all markets’ organic results are transitioned to the Microsoft Search platform.

Bing Webmaster Central Tools to be Used

Webmasters have been encouraged to make use of Bing Webmaster Central tools since they reflect Yahoo! organic results. Yahoo! has asked webmasters to optimize around Bing results alone, as it would be reflected in the Yahoo! organic results. There would be no need for a separate Yahoo! and Bing optimization.

However there are still many areas of the world where the transition to Microsoft search platform has not been made. In these regions site submissions to Yahoo! must continue.

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