Changes in Google Product Search Feed Requirements from 2011

Google Product Search

From September 22, 2011, there’ll be changes in policy and specification for Google Product Search feeds that target USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan. The goal behind these changes is to improve user experience and to give better and more comprehensive results to users searching with Google Product Search. This would benefit merchant sites with accounts at Google as more users would get directed to them if the product search satisfies them.

Availability and Image Links

Among the changes in the requirements demanded of merchant accounts is availability whereby a product must be able to be viewed if it may be out of stock at the time of search. Google will therefore require availability status of all products. Google will also need image link for the products. To accentuate your product’s visual representation Google recommends submitting additional image links up to 10. With products such as shoes and dresses, the product size and information such as color, size, age group and gender must be specified in the product field.

Product Category and Data Freshness

Along with the current product types, Google has also introduced a Product Category attribute which contains the category of the product in Google’s taxonomy which is only required for some of the categories. Finally, data freshness is something Google insists on. Product availability, pricing, and other product details must be constantly updated. Google says that it will check the feeds for accuracy of the information. Accounts giving feeds not conforming to these standards would be taken action against, says Google.

These steps are sure to increase user-friendliness in product search. Professional SEO services can help client businesses live up to these requirements.

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