Could Google+ Alter the Rules of Social Networking?

Could Google+ Alter the Rules of Social Networking?Google+ could be the new trend in search. But the million dollar question is, could Google+ alter the rules of social networking?

Google+ – the All out Effort from Google

Any Google innovation is worthy enough to sit up and take notice. But this isn’t a search engine innovation. Google has always been a leader in this field, but with Google+ the search engine major is venturing once again into the realm of social networking – the realm in which Facebook is the undisputed leader. Google knows its earlier attempts here with Buzz and Wave did not set the world alight, and so it has come prepared with more features, interactivity and spontaneity thanks to which it believes users will feel like being part of real time, real world communication and hanging out.

Integrating all Google Services into Google+

Webmasters and SEO experts are keeping watch for the fuller launch of Google+ to see whether there is potential for it to become the leader in social networking. This could have an important bearing on Internet marketing and social media optimization. Google is taking steps to integrate its various services – Gmail, Picasa, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. – into Google+ in order to facilitate easier communication and file sharing. This is an important element of spontaneity. Updating all the information in an individual’s profile is the Stream, the key feature around which Google+ works.

Loaded with Interactive Features

The other features of Google+ known as Circles, Hangout, Huddle and Sparks perform their tasks in helping users classifying their contacts, prioritizing their communication, facilitating quick communication with the intended people and providing knowledge and required information. These features have yet to be universally experienced to understand their effectiveness, but they sure have thrown up amazing new possibilities for social media marketing.

As to whether Google+ could alter the rules of social networking and drop Facebook from its lofty perch, we’ll have to wait and see. Anything is possible in the online world.

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