Facebook – Selling Products Online

Facebook - Selling Products Online

With Facebook, selling products online takes on a whole new meaning and set of rules. It is firmly in the realm of social media marketing or social commerce. Thanks to social networking and hugely popular platforms such as Facebook, your products and business get far more coverage for free! You really wouldn’t want to be left out of this one.

Facebook has half a billion users and quite a lot of communities and groups where your potential customers are lurking. Some smart strategies can help your business succeed in selling products online through Facebook.

Creating a Profile and Getting Others to See

It starts with creating a profile but it doesn’t end there. You’ve got to get followers and get them interested and engaged. You can build a community around you and very soon anything you add will be hot news. There are small things that can help, such as adding a unique and attractive profile picture on seeing which, people could immediately add you to their list and send you invites.

Comment and Perform Relevant Activities

Be active! Don’t just create a profile and wait for people to see or add you. Comment on relevant activities or posts of your friends. You can also keep posting exciting videos and photos that will prompt others to comment. Bonds can be created like this. Join groups and invite people to be your fans. This will reinforce your genuineness.

Targeting Landing Pages

With your website you can use different landing pages to target people. In the landing pages you can add a ‘Like’ button clicking on which the users would go straight to your Facebook wall. On your Facebook page you can display your products, update the changes, and you’ll find users recommending them to others too.

With Facebook, selling products online becomes a lot easier and more effective. But it must be done smartly and professional SEO services such as MOS SEO Services can help businesses here.