Google+ : A Buzz to the Public and the SEO World

Google+ : A Buzz to the Public and the SEO World

Google+ has already given a buzz to the SEO world and the general public even before its proper worldwide launch and providers of professional SEO services are keeping watch. This is Google’s plunge into the competitive world of social networking in which Facebook has for long held the coveted top spot.

Learning Lessons from Early Social Media Efforts

But fully aware of its earlier endeavors – Google Buzz and Wave – that were great social networking tools but still failed to take over at te top of the ladder, Google comes prepared with cooler features to ensure Google+ wins hearts. To ensure this Google will be integrating its varied services into this new social networking medium in order to ensure greater spontaneity in social interaction.

What Is Different about Google+

According to Google, Google+ will serve to remove all rigidity that it believes currently exists in social networking. If that is Google’s intention then it is sure to have some really attractive features, more or better than what is currently offered in the social networking platforms. An overview indicates that Google+ contains a few key elements such as:

  • The Stream – the live feed updating your profile with new information
  • Circles, the feature that helps in classifying the people you know into groups
  • Hangout that helps you invite any person even outside your social circle to have a video-chat
  • Huddle – to join various chat sessions into one group chat for faster and easier communication
  • Sparks – that helps you receive updates such as movies, recipes, travelogues or anything else you’d like

These are rich interactive tools which could revolutionize social networking. Google+ also brings out new opportunities for social media marketing, and providers of professional SEO services will ensure their clients exploit them.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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