Google+ Estimated to Have Reached the 50 Million User Mark

Paul Allen, founder of has claimed that just after 88 days of existence, Google+ has reached the mark of 50 million users. This is really news because other popular social networking websites have taken a much longer time to reach this target. Here are the statistics:Google+ Estimated to Have Reached the 50 Million User Mark

  • Facebook – 1325 days
  • MySpace – 1046 days
  • LinkedIn – 2354 days
  • Twitter – 1096 days

Allen came up with the estimate of Google+ users by utilizing US census information to monitor certain uncommon surnames across Google+. By extrapolating this information across the world, he is able to make an approximate calculation of the total user population. Paul Allen considers himself to be an “unofficial Google+ statistician.” He seems to be an accurate statistician too. Earlier, Allen had more or less correctly predicted when Google+ would reach the 10 million and 20 million marks.

Positive Prospects for Businesses

The prospects for providers of internet marketing and professional SEO services seem to be good with respect to Google+. Though Google+ is yet to develop features for business pages, businesses can still create profiles and include links in them. Links can be incorporated into Google+ posts and also the “About Me” section to advance one’s online marketing objectives.

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