Facebook Introduces Bing-Powered Translation Solution

Facebook Introduces Bing

Facebook users and providers of professional internet marketing, SEO copywriting services, and other SEO services have one more reason to be glad. Facebook launched an in-place, real-time translation feature, powered by Bing just recently. The announcement about the launch was made through the Facebook pages wall. With this feature, Facebook visitors and users just have to install an application to get Facebook pages translated into their own language. So, gone are the days, when you had to leave Facebook to do this.

New Feature Has Several User Benefits

The decision for the new feature has come a number of weeks following Microsoft’s announcement pertaining to the new Microsoft Translator API. The user has to give permission for installation of the application. Once that is done, whenever he needs a translation, he just has to make a mouse-click on the translate button. Bing Translator would perform the required translation in a popout window. Facebook’s page administrators can opt to permit their own supplied translations, those from Microsoft, or those submitted by the community. Here are some of the benefits of the new Bing-powered feature:

  • You can correct any mistakes in the translation and submit the corrected form
  • If you want, you can even go for the option that completely turns off the translation ability.

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