Is Google Panda 2.5 Being Updated Further?

Is Google Panda 2.5 Being Updated Further?Barely a week has passed since traffic and ranking drops in many websites prompted an investigation that revealed Google could have tweaked its Panda algorithm. But now Google has again modified Panda to update it further. This has begun to be referred to as Panda 2.5.2, since the early October update was called Panda 2.5.

Growing Frustration from Webmasters

The widespread anguish by various webmasters on the sudden drop in traffic their sites experienced since October 14, 2011 has prompted suggestions that this could be more than just a minor update. HighRankings Forums, WebmasterWorld and Google WebmasterHelp Forums are filled with complaints. So is this Panda tweaking more widespread than what was actually thought to be, or at least more than what Google admits?

Cases of Affected Websites

One webmaster running a 3-year old site reported that the website was full of original content. It dealt with a house renovation project and consisted of many how-to articles, comparison pictures of house before and after renovation, and more. It was painstakingly updated regularly and the site received a good deal of traffic till October 14, when the webmaster experienced a sudden drop in traffic, by up to 60%. There was considerable frustration from the webmaster here.

Another webmaster of a 13-month old site which also dealt with original and informative content, which was updated at the rate of up to 4 pages per month, also witnessed a decline in traffic by 67%. The massive percentage of traffic loss has been the reason for widespread alarm. If you’ve felt the same with your website though you’ve done everything right, you’ll be encouraged to know that you aren’t the only one.

Hiring Professional SEO Services Could Help

This could be a major Google Panda algorithm change, but in any case things should balance in a few days and the black hat and duplicate content sites and link farms are hoped to be the only sites that suffer – at least that’s Google’s intention. Get in touch with professional SEO companies such as MOS SEO Services who’ll be able to light the path ahead in a cost-effective and innovative manner.

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