The Google Panda Rollercoaster Continues with yet another Oct Update

The Google Panda Rollercoaster Continues with yet another Oct UpdateGoogle Panda ain’t sitting still, it seems. No sooner have the effects of the Google Panda 2.5 update been felt that something seems to be going on again in the background. Is Google tampering with the Panda algorithm again? Is it something big enough to be called Google Panda 2.5.2?

Webmasters Complaining Everywhere

Based on the complaints arriving at the various forums such as WebmasterWorld, HighRankings Forums and Google WebmasterHelp Forums, it’s clear that whatever be the scale of the update it is certainly creating quite an effect, much more than it did during the October 9 observations. Webmasters with reasonable experience in running their sites are experiencing a sudden dip in traffic by as high as 60% which is certainly shocking.

The websites in question are high quality sites that are regularly updated and contain quality, non-duplicated and informative content, which is probably why they’ve had high traffic. But why would Google’s algorithmic changes that are aimed at punishing the low quality, duplicate content-carrying websites and link farms actually affect the good sites and cause a significant loss of revenue for the webmasters?

Things Could Get Better

A ray of hope is that these effects aren’t likely to last. They are probably the initial setbacks that will iron out at as the Panda algorithmic updates begin to make their presence felt. It can get confusing though and the resultant decrease in revenue could be substantial which is why you need to get in touch with professional SEO services provided by experienced companies such as MOS SEO Services that have the experience and expertise to help your website be reasonably balanced in situations such as these.